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Welcome to ECC - Education Canada Consulting!
Your primary resource to education consulting and student placement in Canada.

Our vision is to promote education opportunities to aspiring individuals who want to make a change in their future. We welcome international students, permanent residents, and Canadian citizens.

We are affiliated with several reputable post secondary schools in Canada. This allows us to open numerous courses in business management, information technology, finance, health care, hospitality, and wellness.

Our consulting process provides high quality information and support students from start to finish. Our process follows thorough process in assessments, registrations, admissions, and also providing support to international students' travel and accommodation arrangements.

We are an accredited organization serving individuals and families to support each one's success. Our main office is located in Calgary, Alberta. Canada.

Forms for Local Student Applications, Handbook, and International Student Applications are available for download.

Bringing out the talent within

ECC offers advanced courses that are highly in-demand in today's economy and future.

We have available courses in the following provinces in Canada.

  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • Quebec
  • Ontario

Why choose ECC - Education Canada Consulting

Charting profile

We create a student charting profile to highlight their individual skills, interests, and previous education or work experience. This is used to direct students to the right institutions that is well suited for their aspirations.

International Students

Complete information provided to help international students apply and register for education. Our consulting process with guide you from start to finish.
We recommend credible travel agencies and accommodation to support students

Permanent Residents & Canadian Citizens

Everyone aspiring to go back to learn and pursue a different career path is welcome.

Smart Classes

All course modules offered are up to date and available in class or online.
Flexible schedule and ongoing academic support from teachers and school administrators

Student Referral Program

Encourage your friends and family to learn and create a better future. We have amazing incentives available when you refer a student to ECC.

Student Loans and Grants

Eligible individuals may apply for Student Loans or government grants depending on the course they want to take. We will guide you to the financial aid process.

Here, you learn how to live.

Ongoing admissions year-round. We have available courses in technology,
business, healthcare, hospitality, marketing, security, and wellness.

Click below to access our designated forms for each provinces in Canada.

Our ECC -Team

Get updated on our current events and get a tour of our office in Calgary, Alberta.

ECC recognizes the hard work of our team in order to serve our community, partners, and affiliates. 

We celebrate our successes together and we give back to the community.

Keep up to date and meet our team.


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